European players of Nintendo's hugely successful title Animal Crossing Wild World are going to be in for a treat when they use their game online between the 17th - 23rd of this month. Those lovely people at Nintendo will give each player who pops online during that period a 'Fire Flower' (as shown in the picture).

"This special Fire Flower I found in a place called the Mushroom Kingdom where I lent a dude called Mario a hand. He seemed to be in a bit of a hurry, but he gave me this flower before I saw him run off into some sort of fortress.

The best part is that I’ve found a way to hand out a flower just like this to all the Wild World inhabitants of Europe. All you need to do is use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to travel to another town! It will take me a week or so to set this up, and I can’t keep sending them out forever, so make sure you go online between July 17 and 23 to get a Fire Flower to call your own!"

This news was taken from the Animal Crossing Blog.

To find out more about the free Nintendo Wi-Fi connection please visit their Official Wi-Fi site.