US Opera blogger has recently had the chance to play with a prototype version of the Opera software for Nintendo's portable device, the DS. His post describes exactly how easy the browser is to use and an overview of the features.

"Getting online with the Opera software was just as easy as it is with any Nintendo DS game. I simply turned the device on, touched the Opera software picture on the screen to start up the browser and before I knew it I was connected via the DS' built in Wifi. Upon booting up the browser you are presented with a simple easy to follow guide if you choose, but it's so simple to use I doubt most people will need it. The navigation is very simple in the browser, along the bottom of the screen you are presented with all the tools you need to perform searches, change the screen layout etc."

This almost comes as the first "review" of the software, although remember he was using a test version.. some things might not be final just yet. A lot of users have expressed concern as to how you would type with the software, the answer is provided.

"Typing on the DS is a breeze. Basically when you need to go to an address, or you need to enter text in a field you simply tap where you are to enter text and you are presented with a keyboard on the touch screen where you can tap away whatever it may be that you need to spell out. The keyboard is large enough to give you plenty of space so you aren't tripping over the other letters and mistyping. On the other hand the keyboard isn't too large so as to block out all of your decadent online pleasures."

This all sounds very positive news surrounding the Opera browser, the only downside is the fact you have to carry the cart around.. if Nintendo had included this software on-board with the DS Lite I'm sure it would of increased its demand ten fold.