Joystiq bring us something we should never of seen, a video demo of Resident Evil 4 before its vast overhaul into the game we know and love.

The video runs for a number of minutes and moves between a handful of different scenes of a would-be Resident Evil mansion-type scenario. You can see that the original camera style is still in-tact mixed in with over-the-shoulder shots as well. The game really does look very pretty like this, all the cloth is moving with a overall high-level of detail.

It's always interesting to see what games could of been or sometimes should of been. These days it seems a common occurrence for developers to totally change their mind about something half way down the road and veer off into a new direction. Its easy for any programmer to relate to this as it often occurs in coding as well.

Take a look at the video and see if you think they made the right choice, were you totally happy with the over-the-shoulder approach? Answers on a ecard.