The much speculated Revolution launch price has today been confirmed, in an interview with Yahoo Japan, that the system will cost under $300. Whether this is $299 or $199 we really don't know. We actually expected a slightly lower price in the US at launch.

This puts the Revolution cheaper than the core Xbox 360 bundle and no doubt way cheaper than Sony's PlayStation 3. This isn't strictly surprising as Nintendo have been hinting a "lower" price point for months, saying its part of the different approach the company is making with the Revolution console.

Translated into real money, $300 weighs in at around £150. Sadly it seems everything costs more in the UK, so with that in mind it would be more like £189. We're not expecting any final price announcements in the short term, but we reckon you'll be able to pick one up for around £149 on launch.

We hope so anyway.

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