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With more unannounced fighters coming for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate from now until the end of 2021, there's no shortage of video game icons joining the fray in gaming's ultimate crossover brawler. Adding all these fighters--plus the accompanying music, spirits and extras--isn't just work for game director Masahiro Sakurai and his team, though. Spare a thought for poor old Kirby! With every new fighter added, the saviour of light has to copy their abilities and fashion a new hat, too.

Some of his copied costumes and moves are mighty cute, so intrepid brawler and Nintendo Life news reporter extraordinaire Liam Doolan has snapped pics of the pink puffball (with a couple of official pics of the most recent entrants) and we have assembled the following gallery of Kirby's copy-based transformations for your viewing pleasure.

If you're after the regular roster of Smash Bros. brawlers, check out our full list of every fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Remember that while the numbers currently go up to 77, you'll find more than that in our gallery thanks to the five 'echo' fighters (denoted with a 'ε').

So, join us as we go on a journey to find the many faces of Kirby...

1. Mario Kirby

2. Donkey Kong Kirby

3. Link Kirby

4. Samus Aran Kirby

4ε. Dark Samus Kirby

5. Yoshi Kirby

6. Kirby Kirby

7. Fox Kirby

8. Pikachu Kirby

9. Luigi Kirby

10. Ness Kirby

11. Captain Falcon Kirby

12. Jigglypuff Kirby

13. Peach Kirby

13ε. Daisy Kirby

14. Bowser Kirby

15. Ice Climbers Kirby

16. Sheik Kirby

17. Zelda Kirby

18. Dr. Mario Kirby

19. Pichu Kirby

20. Falco Kirby