Talk to Kumada

Hey, you did it! You got the postcard in Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir. But now, Zenzou just keeps telling you to "go to Yatsuka", but you can't...

As part of our Famicom Detective Club guide, we're here to help you figure out how to progress.

Ask him about everything

He's still pretty shaken.

Examine the postcard twice

You'll forget to check the address the first time. Idiot.

Go to Kumada Clinic

Dr Kumada has some exciting news!

Talk to him about Jiro, and everything else

Time to find out what it is...

Show him the postcard, and Yuri's photo

Is that a good idea?

Talk to him about Yuri

He'll tell you about their past...

Examine Kumada

He'll have a, um, moment.

Show him the postcard again

He'll see something you missed!

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