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  • News 'Battle Inspired' Rewards Added to My Nintendo in North America

    Includes a discount on The Wonderful 101

    This week's new set of goodies on My Nintendo in North America is designed to promote Flip Wars, which arrived on the Switch eShop in the region last week. Even if that title isn't to everyone's taste, one discount in particular may prove tempting to some. Below are the 'Battle Inspired' offers on My...








  • News The Wonderful 101 Gets a Wonderful Soundtrack Release


    Music fanatics, prepare your eardrums. Platinum Games announced today that the complete soundtrack of 127 tracks from its excellent title The Wonderful 101 is getting a digital release. Split into two volumes, the soundtrack would supposedly have needed five CDs in order to have a physical release, so our shelves can breathe a sigh of...


  • Feature Ten Wii U and 3DS Games That Are Perfect For Summer

    Remember, you don't want sunburn, so play some games

    As you may know, we aim to provide interesting feature content on a daily basis here at Nintendo Life, whether through interviews, Soapboxes, Talking Points or more general articles like this that have a catch-all 'Feature' prefix. It's been challenging at Nintendo Life HQ, though, because the...


  • News The Wonderful 101 Saving Wallets on Wii U eShop

    Ninja Gaiden, Game & Wario also discounted

    It isn't too difficult to find a physical copy of The Wonderful 101 for a villainous price, but now the digital counterpart has been slashed as well. The quirky superhero action game has been reduced to $29.99 on the Wii U eShop, and it looks like this is a permanent drop. Players who have been wanting to...


  • News Nintendo Picks Up 10 Nominations for Spike VGX Awards

    Super Mario 3D World up for Game of the Year

    Spike TV's annual video game awards show, newly re-branded this year as VGX, has released the list of nominees for its 7th December ceremony. Nintendo doesn't make that bad of a showing among the potential winners, with Nintendo-only titles receiving 10 nominations (11 if you want to count the Wii U...


  • News The Wonderful 101 Update Now Available To Download

    The Wonderful 101 ver.1.1.0

    The Wonderful 101 smashed onto the scene earlier this year on Wii U and plenty of people have been enjoying the insane adventures of Wonder Red and his band of merry men and women. However, there were a few very minor niggles with the game that needed to be fixed and Nintendo has now released a patch to make the...