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  • Feature Our Top 10 Wii U Retail Games - Summer 2014

    Our favourites so far

    With E3 2014 right around the corner, Nintendo seems set to prioritise the Wii U in its Digital Event, subsequent coverage and, of course, the Super Smash Bros. Invitational. The 3DS will have a role to play, of course, but many eyes are on Nintendo's home console to see how it'll capitalise on the recent success of Mario Kart...







  • News Ubisoft Not Ruling Out Rayman Legends On 3DS

    It would take time but Ubisoft is open to the idea

    Rayman Legends has been out on Wii U, and a selection of other home consoles, for nearly a month now and has even made the transition to the PlayStation Vita, albeit without a load of levels that are set to be integrated at a later date. However, it was not made available for the 3DS, which is...

  • Out Now Rayman Legends (North America)

    It's arm-less fun

    Rayman Legends is released today in North America, and it arrived in Europe on 30th August. Of course, in a perfect world for the Wii U it would have arrived on the system as an exclusive during the launch window, but despite its controversial route to market it is now here, and earning plaudits from writers and gamers around the...

  • News Rayman Legends on Wii U Wins Digital Foundry Face-Off

    Oddly enough, it has something to do with the ol' GamePad

    The Wii U version of Rayman Legends has been declared the definitive version of the game in a recent comparison test carried out by Digital Foundry over at Eurogamer. The analysis — which usually focuses primarily on visual performance — considered the Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and...

  • News Rayman Legends Sells More Copies In The UK On Wii U Than Any Other Format

    Nintendo's console leads the charge

    As we all know, Rayman Legends was intended to be a Wii U exclusive, and a launch title to boot. However, Ubisoft decided against taking the single platform route and delayed the game in order to port it to other systems — a sound business move, but one that angered many Wii U buyers who had been looking forward...



  • News Michel Ancel: Working on Wii U Provided the "Main Excitement" for Rayman Legends

    "Perhaps people are not as fast" to grasp Nintendo's innovation

    Michel Ancel is a vital creative leader at Ubisoft, and enjoys a level of popularity with some fans not always reserved for his employers. He's also the project leader for Rayman Legends, the former Wii U exclusive that's endured delays in order to accommodate a multi-platform release;...

  • Preview Rayman Legends

    We find out why the one-time Wii U exclusive remains a key title

    Following Ubisoft's decision to delay the launch of Rayman Legends on Wii U and take the game multi-platform, many Nintendo fans were so irate they insisted that they would be boycotting the release come August (or September if you're in North America) time. Sadly, the negative...


  • News Ubisoft Delayed Rayman Legends On Wii U In Fear Of Low Sales

    Honesty is the best policy

    It's fair to say it's not been an easy ride for Rayman Legends and the Wii U. Starting off with the delightful news last year that the game would be a Wii U exclusive, to the unfortunate announcement in February this year that it was no longer confined to Nintendo's latest console, but being released on the PlayStat

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    With summertime almost officially upon us, and with E3 looming on the horizon, we've decided to take stock and provide our updated list of the biggest Wii U games of 2013. There are some changes since our Spring Edition, most notably the removal of two Wii U eShop titles. With the Wii U retail lineup getting more...


  • Video New Rayman Legends Wii U Stealth Stage Sneaks Into View

    Along with an epic boss fight

    Although still a few months away from release, Ubisoft is continuing to build the hype for Rayman Legends, the former Wii U exclusive that'll now be gracing every current gaming system apart from the 3DS. It's still a release to look forward to on Wii U, however, as each new piece of footage seems to reinforce the...

  • News Ubisoft Reveals E3 Lineup

    Will feature some "new brands and titles"

    E3 is tantalisingly close now and Ubisoft has decided to announce which games it will be bringing along to the expo. There are no shocks and as expected Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, Rayman Legends, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Watch_Dogs and South Park: The Stick of Truth wil

  • News Oh Snap, Now Rayman Legends Is Coming To PS Vita With Exclusive Content

    Wii U exclusivity seems like a lifetime ago

    Ubisoft has confirmed that Rayman Legends — once billed as a Wii U exclusive — is also hitting Sony's PS Vita console. The Vita version will include all of the original content seen in the other editions of the game, as well as five specifically-created Murphy-focused levels which make use of the...

  • Video Rayman Legends Footage Gets Sneaky in its Ocean World

    With a cool name, "20 000 Lums under the Sea"

    Ubisoft has stepped up its gradual unveiling of Rayman Legends, with the latest trailer and screenshots showing off the "20 000 Lums under the Sea" world. Rather than simply being underwater levels in the style of those seen in Rayman Origins, this world will introduce new enemies and a light and dark...

  • Video Rayman Legends has the Eye of the Tiger, Mariachi Style

    We pity the fools who don't check it out

    Ubisoft seems to be getting ready to build the excitement for Rayman Legends, which will finally grace the Wii U in late August/early September. In the meantime Wii U owners can indulge in the free Challenge App, which is another way to build a bit of personal hype for the long-awaited platformer. One new...




  • News Ubisoft: Rayman Legends Delay Will Result In A Better Game For Wii U

    "When we saw we had more time, we saw all of the possibilities"

    Rayman Legends should have been with us today, but we all know how that turned out. However, Ubisoft is clearly of the opinion that every cloud should have a silver lining, and CEO Yves Guillemot has made assurances that the company isn't just sitting on the finished Wii U code — it's...

  • Rumour Rayman Creator To Part Company With Ubisoft

    Michel Ancel to leave publisher after Rayman Legends is released?

    Ubisoft's decision to hold back the Wii U version of Rayman Legends to facilitate a multi-platform launch has caused quite a bit of ill-feeling, but if this latest rumour is to be believed, it could end up costing the French publisher one of its most talented staffers. French site

  • News Ubisoft CEO Not Satisfied With Wii U Sales

    But says they will improve

    Ubisoft has been cruel and kind to Wii U recently. Of course there was the now infamous announcement that the publisher would be delaying Rayman Legends until September to allow for a multiplatform release, then it made a peace offering with the announcement of an online challenge mode for the delayed game th

  • News Rayman Legends Challenge Mode Coming Exclusively To Wii U This April

    And it's free, too

    As we all know Rayman Legends has now been delayed until September to accommodate a now mutiplatform release. To ease Wii U owners' pains, Ubisoft said it would be bringing a second demo to the Wii U eShop. However, it turns out that instead of a demo, it will be releasing the game's full online challenge mode for free in April

  • News Rayman Legends Boss and Dev Team Protest Wii U Release Delay

    Insubordination ahoy

    Last week's news that Rayman Legends is going multi-platform and is delayed to September was disappointing for a lot of Wii U owners. While the loss of exclusivity was a blow, it was arguably the seemingly unnecessary delay to a finished game that enraged many. We saw an outraged anonymous forum post from someone claiming to be...

  • News Wii U To Get An "Exclusive" Rayman Legends Demo Soon

    Ubisoft makes a peace offering to Wii U owners

    As you may have heard, Rayman Legends is no longer a Wii U exclusive and has now been pushed back to the faraway land of September. Ubisoft has confirmed that the Wii U version of the game is finished, but has insisted it will be releasing it with the other versions of the game rather than putting it on...

  • Reaction The Rayman Legends Delay Is a Low Blow, But The Apocalypse Isn't Here

    Remaining "exclusives" need to be secured, however

    Let's get one key point out of the way, just so we've said it early. The delay of Rayman Legends feels, to many current and prospective Wii U owners, like a cynical cash-grab of a business move. There are good old "anonymous sources", apparently developers on the game, stating that it's practically...

  • News Ubisoft Confirms Rayman Legends Delay Isn't Down To Development Issues

    "I know it's not an elaborate, 'convincing' answer, but it's the simple truth."

    Yesterday's bombshell announcement that Rayman Legends is going multiplaform and will be delayed until September certainly ruffled a few feathers — you've already left us over 600 comments (and counting) regarding the ne

  • News Ubisoft: Nintendo Will Make "Necessary Changes" To Wii U

    "We have a pipeline of games of very high quality coming on that machine"

    Earlier today, Ubisoft announced that its hotly anticipated title Rayman Legends has been pushed back to September and will no longer be exclusive to Wii U. The game will now be coming out on other platforms, representing a big blow to Nintendo as it was seen as one of the Wii...