New Adventure Island

New Adventure Island




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User Ratings: 4

Our Review: 8/10

New Adventure Island Reviews

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    Wii U / TG-16

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    An old-school endless runner

    It's often said that there's no such thing as a bad idea, that it just needs the right moment to shine. More than any other medium video games like to rehash what's come before, retrofitting old concepts into new titles for something that can feel wholly unique while paying tribute to what's come before. For instance,...

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    Virtual Console / TurboGrafx-16

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    Move over Wonder Boy

    The Wonder Boy and Adventure Island games have seen releases on just about every 8 and 16-bit console you can think of, not to mention a few remakes on some of the more recent systems. Having said that, if you want to play the best the series has to offer, you need only download New Adventure Island on the Wii Virtual Console to...