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  • EU 5th Aug 2022, £2.59
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About The Game


Little Mouse's Encyclopedia is ideal for born explorers. Wandering around the lively boards, you’ll find animals and plants by yourself. Using a magnifying glass, you can reveal cards that contain interesting information and drawings.


With a brave mouse, you’ll explore the area around its burrow, walk through the forest, sneak through the garden and swim in the pond. In each of these places, unique species of animals and plants await you. During your wandering, you’ll come across over 160 unique species, about which you can learn something interesting.


Little Mouse's Encyclopedia is available in 18 languages, including English, Japanese, German, Spanish and French.

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of nature today with the brave little mouse!

+ Comic Coloring Book - Complete Edition

Try out one of 92 great illustrations and create your own comic book!


Check how our adventures start! Play in space with the robot or discover how the princess from the faraway kingdom and her favorite alpacorn are spending their free time.

Time for the Hero and the Robot

Together with the boy and the robot, we’ll go on many adventures: we meet a dinosaur who likes candy, enjoy a sea trip, and try to save a playful cat. All that in many surprising places!

My Friend, Alpacorn

This time we will accompany a girl and her unusual friend - Alpacorn (half alpaca, half unicorn). We’ll travel to the land of sweets, into the deeps of the sea to become mermaids and play on the snow and even explore space!

Drawing Without Borders

Create what’s comes to your mind! You have 8 blank comics to fill in this one - use painting tools to create your adventures! Create new characters, throw in cute animals, and make up amazing stories! Oh, and remember to add comic book stickers!