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  • News New GameCenter CX Title in Development for 3DS

    "Kachou ON!!!"

    GameCenter CX (also known outside Japan as Retro Game Master) is the chronicle of Kachou (“Chief”) Shinya Arino and his quest to defeat classic games of years gone by. According to Siliconera, the third game about this show about games has been announced as being in development. It's like gameception. G.Rev, developers of the...



  • News Translated Episodes of Game Center CX to be Aired Online

    The "Retro Game Master" finally goes English

    If you're a retro gaming fan, you might be familiar with Shinya Arino. Part of a Japanese comedy duo called Yoiko, he began presenting a show called GameCenter CX in 2003, in which he attempts to complete one generally difficult retro game in each episode, as well as visiting a different arcade in Japan every time. Recently, Arino has even partnered with..


  • News Retro Game Challenge Needs to Sell 100,000 Copies to Justify Localizing Sequel

    The guys at XSEED set the record straight regarding Retro Game Challenge 2.

    To say that the original Retro Game Challenge has a loyal following might be the understatement of the year, but unfortunately that following isn't quite large enough to justify XSEED localizing its sequel Retro Game Challenge 2. Of course this hasn't stopped the flood of fan emails to the company begging and pleading for..

  • News GameCenter CX To Hold 24-Hour Gaming Marathon

    Show taking fan requests.

    Shinya Arino, star of Japanese TV show GameCenter CX (which served as the source material for the stellar Retro Game Challenge), is no stranger to long and torturous gaming sessions. Good thing then, because he's got another one coming up! A really long one. According to the show's official blog (via Kotaku): Finally... Really... Truly...

  • News XSEED: Retro Game Challenge 2 Isn't Coming To The US

    Publisher replies to personal request regarding the status of the game

    Nintendo Life forum member slapshot82 recently wrote a letter to US publisher XSEED Games asking if the company would relent on its non-committal stance regarding the North American localization of Retro Game Challenge 2. Sadly, the reply was less than positive: Thanks for the kind words, but afraid it's not by choice on us not..


  • News Retro Game Challenge Sequel Localization Looking Dire

    Sales not up to snuff for XSEED

    Things just ain't what they used to be for niche-localizer XSeed. First they lose the gorgeous Muramasa: The Demon Blade to publisher Ignition due to financial woes, and now another promising gem is stripped from them. Yes, Virginia, Retro Game Challenge 2 for DS (Game Center CX 2 as it's known in the motherland)...