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  • Poll What's The Best Ace Attorney Game?

    You be the judge

    20 years ago, on 12th October 2001, the very first Ace Attorney game was released on Game Boy Advance. Although we wouldn't get the game in English until 2005 — when it was re-released on the DS — the Ace Attorney series has long been beloved by people all over the world. A large part of that is due to the loveable protagonist...


  • News Ace Attorney And Ghost Trick Return To The iOS Store

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    Earlier this year, Capcom took down a few of their games from the iOS store, in order to update them to work with the new iOS 14. The three games affected were Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice.



  • Video Capcom Celebrates 15 Years of Ace Attorney

    Worth a watch for the music alone

    We've just recently seen the release of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice in the West, and as the Tokyo Game Show heads towards its conclusion we now have an official video focused the broader franchise. Notably, Capcom is celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the series. The video below is, naturally,...







  • News Ace Attorney Creator Wanted to End Series at Original Trilogy

    Court continued against his initial wishes

    There has always been debate within various forms of entertainment over whether a series or story idea has overstayed its welcome. People may cry out for more, but is it worth the risk of a weakened narrative or overall impact? In an interview with Official Nintendo Magazine, Ace Attorney series creator...











  • Video Ace Attorney 5 Trailer Shows Its Own Brand of Wacky Courtroom Drama

    We have no objection

    Ace Attorney 5 is now just a few months away from release in Japan, while localisation to the West in confirmed but without a timeline for its arrival. As a result Capcom is firing up the hype train in Japan; we can happily hop on board, albeit with the danger that we have no idea what anyone is saying. Still, we must say that...

  • News Ace Attorney 5 Release Date Accidentally Revealed By Capcom

    Someone made a boo boo in the courtroom

    It seems that Capcom has let the release date for Ace Attorney 5 slip in a recent blog post about a Nico Nico developer Q&A on the upcoming 3DS title. The game is set to have fingers pointing in Japan on the 25th July this year. Capcom objected by removing the evidence of the release date from the blog...


  • News Updated Ace Attorney 5 Website Submits More Information

    New details on Kizuki Kokone, Apollo Justice and 3DS features

    The Ace Attorney series will soon be making the leap over to the 3DS with Ace Attorney 5. It sees Phoenix Wright take centre stage once more, and this time he has a new assistant to help him snare sneaky lies from testimonies. Capcom has recently updated the Ace Attorney 5 website and,...

  • News Apollo Justice Returns in Ace Attorney 5

    Justice is blind

    More news on Ace Attorney 5 has been promised by Capcom but as of yet we've had no major announcement. However, we have learnt — thanks to a picture in the latest Famitsu magazine — that Apollo Justice is making a return in the upcoming game. The picture shows the young attorney as we've never seen him before. He's still...


  • News More Ace Attorney 5 Information Is On The Way

    Capcom's Psyche-Lock is nearly broken

    Last September it was announced that the upcoming Ace Attorney 5 would be making it over to Western shores. However, since then news has been relatively thin on the ground... Hold it! It appears Capcom's senior vice-president Christian Svensson has left some evidence in the C


  • News Ace Attorney 5's Heart Scope System Detailed

    Out with the old, in with the new

    The Ace Attorney series has never been a stranger to unusual trinkets and gameplay mechanics. Phoenix himself wielded the powerful Magatama to uncover the deepest of secrets, his protégé Apollo used his trusty bracelet to perceive subtle twitches and nervous habits, and Miles Edgeworth has been known to play a few...

  • News Watch Ace Attorney 5's Latest TGS Trailer

    Complete with handy subtitles

    Capcom has given courtroom fans a chance to get a first look at the upcoming Ace Attorney 5 with the latest trailer fresh from Tokyo Game Show, featuring the return of everyone's favourite defence attorney Phoenix Wright. Earlier this month we reported that Phoenix Wright would be making his grand return on the 3DS...