Topic: Can I use gold points towards Wii U digital purchases rather than Switch?

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I've recently been enjoying digging into older games on the Wii U eshop, with nothing tickling my fancy on the switch at the moment. I noticed Nintendo have just updated the MyNintendo service to allow you to use gold points towards the payment of digital titles on Switch.

I also notice you still earn gold points for digital purchases on Wii U, so can IO also use these gold points to get discounts on wii u titles? There's nothing I really want on switch currently but I wouldn't mind investing in some more virtual console titles!



WiiU and 3ds get premade discounts and other rewards. The switch gets to turn the coins into money instead.


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I don't have a point of reference because this is my first playthrough, but I have noticed some significant stuttering I wouldn't expect to be natural in such an esteemed game. Thanks for the infomation.

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