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Hey does anyone remember a wii ware game called chick chick boom?
that game was cool to play but since the wii shop channel closed i don't think there's a way to play it anymore
the game was simple
there's 5 chicks on each side
and you have to make drawings to make weapons or items to get rid of the chicks on the other side
it's a pretty cute and wacky game but it was fun
i just hope i could find a way to play it again, like the full version of the game
if there's any tips of getting the game like that then that would make my day



@Lazy THE NOSTALGIA. It is one of the only games I bought on Wii ware and it really is an amazing little game. Hoping it somehow comes to switch


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@Blooper987 it would be unexpected to see it coming to the switch as a port, it was actually the first game i saw on the wii shop channel 8 years ago and i got the game as a demo and it was fun to play and i would love to play it again since it was a cool concept



Yep, I only had the demo on my Wii, but a friend of mine bought the full version.



When I skimmed the topic title, I thought it was referencing a Saliva song at first.

Missed out on this, but it sounds like it was fun!

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I remember this game! It was one of the few that I downloaded on the Wii, and it was fantastic

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Most of the Wiiware era of gaming feels like it almost never even happened. It's so far away from where things are and no one talks about nearly any of the games from it.

I mean, I've been here long enough to remember when this was a Wiiware site, so I do remember this game. But mostly because of a Youtube channel that that covered it when it was new.

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I'm sure I still have it on the wii mode of my wii u downloaded onto the sd card. One of the best wiiware games.

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I remember Video Games Awesome's video about the game very fondly. I downloaded and played the demo but I didn't buy many WiiWare games back in the day so I only grabbed it before the service shut down. I haven't actually played it yet since it's a multiplayer game and it's on my Wii U. I don't have people to play with all that often and when I do, WiiWare games aren't on the top of the "to play" list.

I have so many other WiiWare games I bought before it was too late that I haven't even touched yet. I just wanted to nab some games so I wouldn't regret it later since some games haven't made it onto other devices. My main problem is that they're stuck on the Wii U and it's such a bother to turn on.


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I won a competition on this very site 10 years ago (anyone else feel old?) which earned me a copy of the game and a customised Chick Chick Boom poster, which I still have (although its currently not hung up anywhere, it kept showing up in behind me in Zoom meetings and explaining it to people was getting boring 😛)

I believe the same company was also responsible for a fun annual christmas indie game tradition starring a snowman character, where each day you could download wallpapers and the like of a number of indie (mostly wiiware) titles from a number of different developers. It was a fun little annual thing.

I've tried looking up the developer Tons Of Bits in recent years but unfortunately it seems they've disappeared without trace. Hopefully the team are on to doing fun stuff at other studios now.


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