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I'm going to give you the ultimate Skell build and ground build that will enable you to obliterate EVERYTHING (including Telethia the Endbringer and Pharsis the Everqueen) in the game before Chapter 12. In a way I feel that's how the game is supposed to be played - to complete most stuff before Chapter 12; before watching the final cutscene.

So without further ado I begin with the ground build.


Ultimate setup:

Ultra Nebulon Dyads II - Potential Up XX - Ether Attack Plus XX, Appendage Crusher x2
Ultra Diamond Spatha - Potential Boost XX, Melee Accuracy Up XX - Appendage Crusher x3
Ultra Regal Headwear (Slylooth in Sylvanum) - Potential Boost XVIII or XII, Potential Up XII or XVIII - Potential Up XX
Reginal Breaker (C&C Shop) - Potential Up IX - Potential Up XX
Reginal Ward L (C&C Shop) - Potential Up IX - Potential Up XX
Reginal Ward R (C&C Shop) - Potential Up IX - Potential Up XX
Ultra Regal Legwear (Slylooth in Sylvanum) - Max TP Up XVIII - Potential Up XX

Augments in total: Potential Up XX x5, Appendage Crusher x5, Ether Attack Plus XX

Potential stat: 819
TP stat: 5200

Class: Mastermind For the +60 Potential bonus

Arts: Offensive Stance, Zero Zero, Primer, Ghostwalker, Tornado Blade, True Steam Edge, Rising Blade, Blossom Dance

Zero Zero is obtained from Celica's Affinity quest & Blossom Dance from Nagi's

Skills: Inner Search, Core Crusher, Auto Assault, Supreme Sword


Ghostwalker, Zero Zero or/and Primer, Tornado Blade or/and Rising Blade, Offensive Stance, True Steam Edge, Blossom Dance

In 1 Blossom Dance Pharsis and probably Telethia should be dead.


The ultimate skell in Xenoblades Chronicles X is the Lailah because of her NAGI Overdrive that grants Regen & Debuff Immunity. The Lvl50 Lailah with the setup I'll provide you next can take down all Tyrants including the Telethia if equipped with the right armor augments.

Ultimate Skell setup:

SHM-XXR250GG Diskbomb - Custom.WP.-MSL-MAG IX, Boost.R-ACC X - Custom.WP.ATK.XX x2, SpedUp.R-ATK XX
SHM-XXR250GG Diskbomb - BoostR-ACC X, AttributeDmg.THERM XIV - Custom.WP.ATK.XX x2, SpedUp.R-ATK XX
SRM-XXR250SA S-Missile - BoostR-ACC X, AttributeDmg.THERM XIV - SpedUp.R-ATK XX x3
SRM-XXR240SA S-Missile - BoostR-ACC VII, AttributeDmg.THERM XII - SpedUp.R-ATK XX x3
SMM-USP1450SA Megaflame-B - AttributeDmg.THERM XV - Custom.WP.ATK.XX x2, SpedUp.R-ATK XX
SAM-XMM164SA Shield - SpedUp.R-ATK XVI, Resist.STAGGER XI - SpedUp.R-ATK XX x2, Reflect NEG-THERM XX
SAM-XXR160ME Needlegun - SpedUp.R-ATK XVI - SpedUp.R-ATK XX x3
SKM-XXR350SA Cracker-BM - AttributeDmg.THERM X, AttributeDmg.THERM XIV - SpedUp.R-ATK XX x3
SKM-XXR350SA Cracker-BM - Custom.WP-R-RANGE X, AttributeDmg.THERM XIV - SpedUp.R-ATK XX x3

Augments in total: SpedUp.R-ATK x20, Custom.WP.ATK.XX x6, Reflect NEG-THERM XX

For the armor you either keep the Lvl50 Lailah's one or swap it with Lvl50 Inferno's armor for Thermal damage boost. It's your call. Personally I put on the Inferno armor.

Skell ground gear:

Ultra Regal Casca - Fuel Effienciy Up XX, Potential Up XX
Ultra Infinite Ralm - Resist HP Recovery Down XX, Danger Surge XX
Ultra Infinite Guante L - Ranged Attack Drive XX, Ranged Accuracy Drive XX
Ultra Regal Guante R - Ranged Attac Drive XX, Ranged Accuracy Drive XX
Ultra Regal Tythes - Max TP Up XX, Resist Stagger XX

Ranged Attack stat: almost 3300 or 2500 without Skell groung gear equipped

As you can see I don't have put any augments on the Skell ground armor although feel free to add if you feel like it. I would suggest 5 augments that boost ranged attack.


Before attempting to engange with any superboss have maxed up your GP at 6000 or have at least 3000 GP to activate NAGI Overdrive. Then keep activating your Diskbombs and enjoy slaying monster after monster. However in the case of the Vortice superboss, since it resists Thermal attacks, you would have to have crafted the Zenith Cannon superweapon to damage it during cockpits.

That's all and hope it helps. If you have any question ask away. I may edit the post at another time though to provide locations for the gear but just googled it anyway.

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