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Hello all,

Could someone please inform me what's Murderess's original gear? I'm looking for the top since I'm sure it's coming from a quest. The leg part is Sakuraba medium I believe but what's the top? I accidentally sold most of the original gear but only Murderess I cannot find. Could you also tell me what's the gear of the other characters for cross-checking?


UPDATE: I couldn't find in the basic missions a replica of Murderess's original top but I did find a red jumper that looks great on her. Also the Redesigned Jacket item looks good on her too. SECOND UPDATE: I did find Murderess's original top gear and it's called Workwear. It's awarded by basic missions, but I don't remember which.

As to offer some help to other players (if they still exist in 2018), in case you lost Hope's original top you can reclaim it by completing the basic mission that rewards the Jacket items. If you sold Phog's original gear, you can do missions that reward Treckware items but beware to match the correct top with the correct pants. For example, Treckware top + Treckware pants or Upgraded Treckware top & Upgraded Treckware Pants I or II. But the actual Treckware he was wearing is called Prototype Treckware & Prototype Treckpants (The Final Parade basic mission & Arms Testers Wanted Titanium Knife II basic mission). As to Alexa's original gear, complete the missions that aware the Prototype Blade Wear & Pants.

Hope it helped!

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