Topic: Megaman Battle Network 5 Releases In Europe On Thursday...

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Wow, why does NA eShop get dumped on? I feel like I'm the only Nintendo gamer who has little to no interest in 99% of NES games coming to VC.

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@Zizzy: It'd be different if we were getting any of the really good third party NES games such as Dragon Warrior I-III, Bomberman, Little Nemo, etc. But we're mostly getting NES games that weren't even good to begin with. >_<

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It sure has returned to normal where EU gets all the good stuff while NA gets garbage NES games. I thought things had changed because of NA's releasing of games such as Mario Golf and Mario Tennis during Q3 but was wrong, still the same terrible situation overall. Mario Tennis is obviously being released November 20th in EU as a free game for those who purchase the eshop version of Ultra Smash.


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...'revenge' of the Americas getting better deals than Europe (and the Australian area).

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