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Cipher wrote:

Well, that's clearly wrong. I thought we were supposed to get an updated Mario Kart 8.1 before skipping 9 and moving right onto Mario Kart 10. Isn't that how everybody's doing it these days?

I see what you did there.


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skywake wrote:

CaviarMeths wrote:

WTH is that graph even trying to say? At least with the pie chart you can see that he's trying to illustrate attach rate (and failing miserably), but this graph is so utterly baffling in its complete worthlessness. That's gotta be the ugliest way to confusingly chart a bunch of irrelevant information I've ever seen.

The best I can come up with is that whoever made that graph started making it while trying to make a "damning point". About how the Wii U version was going to be the "least generous" of the releases is the best I can think of. Then when they produced the graph they realised that it was actually about on par if not better than usual in terms of content..... but they ran with it anyway. And now the website OP linked to is taking it as gospel. Who said journalism was dead? Yeah, GG, they were right.

Chaozrush21 wrote:

That site makes me sad that I'm a Christian.

I'm not a Christian and that site makes me feel sad on your behalf. That said there is this odd "only Christian content is good" thing that's a thing. I was once sharing some music with someone and they liked it, then they asked "are they Christian". When I said "I don't think so" they were immediately not-interested at all. I really, really don't understand that approach to things but I know it does exist and so I'm not at all surprised a site like this exists.

That's sad that some religious people cannot be open to other people and their interests. It wasn't like you were listening to some atheist song or some crap. People need to live a little. And yes, I TOO AM a Christian, and I'm proud of it. I also cuss like a sailor, play violent video games, and listen to inappropriate music. Nobody's perfect. In fact, it would make someone a BETTER Christian if they admitted they aren't perfect. But that's just my opinion. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go back to reading my Bible, and shooting some people in the face in insert bloody M rated game here.

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CrazyOtto wrote:

I think this site is another "P4R"

That may have been the worst "gaming site" I've ever gone to.

On a related note, Polygon is a joke website. I guess that original website must not know that, if they're using them as a reference in their article.

And seriously, I don't understand all the Christian bashing ... because the website has a religious affiliation, it's "no surprise" that they have wrong information? Grow up. I'm sure if it was called Atheist Daily we wouldn't be bashing them for their beliefs.


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Whopper744 wrote:

Can we please have some sort of rule about this on the site? As a Christian it's not cool to see how so many on here has basically called us stupid. This isn't the place for thing kind of stuff, it's a place to talk about video games. Can we please lock this thread or something at least?

With all said and done, we frown upon religious jokes here. Also, I will end this thread before someone says something they will regret.

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