Topic: Is the Wii U worth it? in 2017

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I have a Switch day 1 and love it. However I also bought a Wii U early March as they were discontinued and I wanted a non-used system. I currently use my Wii U waaaaay more. This is not because the Switch is rubbish but there is just a deeper library on Wii U right now. Also loving playing my Wii games with the visual upgrade.

There's loads of titles ppl haven't mentioned for the Wii U on here which are very worthy of your time.
I do have a PS4 and a 3/2DS as well so I do realise I'm in a somewhat privileged position. (Not playing a lot on my PS4 at the minute)
Having said that the Switch has a lot of life left in it and you can grab that in the future no problem I would personally recommend getting a Wii U right now but you don't have to listen to me.

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Some of Mario Odyssey is seriously giving heart palpitations.... that plumber is trying to kill me!


You know I wonder if the original poster has already implemented whatever decision he came to and just watched all the bickering that has arisen in his topic.



@Octane I wondered if the endless tirade had influenced him.

Although more likely he was too busy enjoying it.



Depends.... If you want an instant library of about 50 really good retail games, plus maybe 40 or so indie games that are worthwhile, then yes, the Wii U is worth it. It's also pretty nice to have as a second screen for Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The Switch probably won't have a compelling library for at least another year. BUT.... it is a very cool piece of hardware. It has the best version of what I think is the best game on the Wii U (MK8). It offers true portability and several different ways to play.

Can't go wrong with either. I think you just have to be a little more patient with the Switch.



WiiU having the Virtual Console alone is worth it. Nintendo killed the Virtual Console with these mini classic impossible to buy systems.
R.I.P. Virtual Console. 2006 - 2017ūüíÄ



The Wii U is still good if you don't need to have the latest and greatest thing. It also has a pretty decent homebrew scene and can even made to play gamecube games and run emulators.

It is the ultimate Zelda Box as every console Zelda is available on it and several portable titles as well. Wind Waker and Twilight Princess have their best versions here and Breath of the Wild is exactly the same as on switch ( I have played on both consoles). Ocarina and Majoras Mask are available on Virtual Console.

It's the cheapest way to get the Metroid Prime Trilogy and the cheapest and best way to play the original Xenoblade Chronicles. Those Wii titles sell for inflated prices physical but are available digital on Wii U.

Mario Maker is a pretty awesome switch exclusive, at least it's way better than the 3DS version.

I have the switch and my most played games are breath of the wild, mario kart 8, and Splatoon 2 all of which can basically be played on the Wii U too for cheaper.

Finding good prices on Wii U games these days shouldn't be too hard. There is a good library of games. If you had a Wii all the stuff from Wii works on Wii U too. You can transfer games and some Wii U games use the controllers or even the balance board. It's better to own than a Wii because it is a Wii and a Wii U.

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