Topic: What kind of NES games do you play when you are sick?

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I remember back in the day when I was in junior high school, I wouldn't play my NES that much because the ps2 and gamecube took over my life. However, when I got sick with the flu back then - the 3D graphics gave me a terrible headache and I always felt worse. Somehow playing NES games while I was sick actually made me feel better. I remember beating Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2 for the very first time when I stayed home from school (The junior high years was the only time I beat Ninja Gaiden1). In recent years I cannot beat the 1st Ninja Gaiden at all. I get stuck at the final level all the time. Sometimes I could beat the 2nd game BUT I have to have the flu to beat the game. I do not know what it is with me, but my sickness enhances my NES skills. I have beaten all the megaman games, battletoads and double dragon, mario bros, and ninja crusaders... only when I was sick. Do any of you play NES when you are sick? Does the flu increase or decrease your skills? Tell me!

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