Topic: What if you were only allowed to buy future rare games as a kid? LOL

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Like your parents had psychic power to predict what would become those rare expensive games and to allow you to play all the rare games you want, but only those? No commoner games for you.
What kind of crazy oddball collection would you have?
So like your friends are all taking about this Mario guy, but you have only Little Samson.



I just would not be a gamer anymore.

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@KingMike i would have an original copy of Earthbound and would never need anything else ever again.

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I've found that less games are rare than I would've predicted. "Oh man this game I own/owned must be worth a lot now." Nope.

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Agreed with Snatcher. I like playing what other people are playing. If i'm either far ahead from everybody or far behind it takes the joy out of it.


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Well, the games would be basically worthless now, considering I would've done the usual stuff... Like, playing them to death.


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Problem is, most rare games are rare because they aren’t as good as the stuff that sells in the millions. But think of the systems you’d have!

Atari Lynx
Virtual Boy
Atari Jaguar
Panasonic 3DO

Every one of those must have something worth playing, right? Apart from maybe the last one.

Maybe Google Stadia can join that hall of lame one day...

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