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This is sort of a follow-up to a thread I started almost two years ago, asking for a valuation of an old Mario trophy I found in my childhood home. I got preoccupied shortly after that discovery, so was never able to provide any responses or updates. Sorry.

Anyway, the short background is that my mom worked for Nintendo of America in the early to late 90s and so I have a bunch of vintage Nintendo swag laying around my parent's house. It's hard to find value estimations of this stuff-- most of which I can't even find online. I figured I would image dump a bunch of the vintage apparel I found the last time I stopped by my folk's place.

If you know of a good place to get this stuff appraised-- please reach out! If not, maybe you'll enjoy some probably never-before-seen Nintendo goods. As a disclaimer, all of the clothing items were just pulled out of the attic and photographed. They've been largely untouched since the 90s (my mom quit in 96) and I was too impatient to clean anything up. This is only about half the stash of clothing my mom received while working there. There's a ton of other neat items I can get pictures of if anyone's interested-- pins, awards, and gadgets like that.

Here's the photo album:



Those are pretty cool, especially the Killer Instinct shirt. I'm not any help whatsoever for getting those appraised, but it'd be cool to see pics of more stuff



Interesting, but looks like to sell things, which is prohibited, unfortunately. I'm just saying that objectively, not trying to be a bummer.

Pink Gorilla Games, Seattle can help broker/sell things like this.
You may recognize Kelsey Lewin, co owner of Pink Gorilla Games, from Metal Jesus's youtube channel.

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Alright, this is just amazing. Especially all the jackets and hoodies, it has such a hand-made quality to it.

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They look really awesome!
It's pretty amzing what you can find in a attic sometimes.

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Oh, that Virtual Boy shirt is fantastic!



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