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I recently purchased a used NES and lets just say, its not good. The top is pretty much, when compared to the controller, completely night and day. Its pretty badly yellowed on top, especially on the front of the console. What is the best way to remove the yellowing? I'm looking for alternatives to Retrobriting.



@mjayindy Take it apart and soak it in hydrogen peroxide for a couple of hours in direct sunlight. It will remove most of the yellow colour. I cannot say if it hurts the plastic's sturdiness, and causes it to become more brittle over time (as is the case with any method to remove the yellowing), but it's definitely worth a try.



You could always spray paint it! lol

There are chemical cleaners you can buy - just make sure to take apart the system first, as most of those solutions wont be kind to the internal components.

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Use Salon Care 40, and put it out in the sun. It worked great for me. (on a snes that is).

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