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I feel like it’s unfair to judge it, given that there’s only been a singular trailer that doesn’t show all that much. All I know is that it’ll be another game from Atlus people will port beg for, like Persona 4 Golden and Persona 5/5Royal. I guess I don’t get how the game is different either, since I’ve only been exposed to SMT and Persona.

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And ppl should be voicing their demand for a port. Nothing wrong with that. I've noticed a trend of condescension toward those who voice their consumer demand, almost as if to shame them out of doing so in hopes of deplatforming any effort that could result in more versions releasing.

Besides which, I see no reason this game couldn't theoretically run on Switch. Here's a comparison with SMTV


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It looks like the demon models are ripped straight outta SMTV, just with cel shaded skins.

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Finally got around to watch the announcement trailer of Soul Hackers 2. Oh boy. Where do I even start with what's wrong with it?

First off, yeah, definitely Persona vibes there. I like Persona games for what they are, but I'm also glad SMT titles did their own thing prior to SMT V and gave me a very distinct atmosphere of mysticism that feels different from Persona games' highschool setting. Soul Hackers 2, however, looks like Persona 5.5. Similar visual style, similar secret organization bound together to save the world, obligatory cute mascot to appeal to a younger audience perhaps. All red flags in my book. I'm almost surprised they didn't just throw in Persona 5 costumes- oh wait, they did... in the DLCs.

It's a shame it isn't released on Switch, but I think Switch gamers got the better end of the deal, seeing how disappointing this game might already be from the trailer alone. You guys would probably be better off skipping this particular SMT title and just stick to the 3DS titles if you're a new SMT fan. I made the awful mistake of pre-ordering this on Steam just because it has the "Soul Hackers" brand name to it (the first Soul Hackers had great reviews). I avoided watching the trailer because I didn't want to spoil myself the story, but oh boy, what a big mistake that was.

I mean, I get it, Atlus. Persona 5 sold (extraordinarily) well, so you thought, "Let's cash in on this cow as much as possible by making every SMT title a Persona-ish game from now on." It's how business works. But I guess I'm just having a hard time picturing this to be the same company that consistently released great SMT titles during its DS and 3DS era (minus Apocalypse). What happened to the team that made Devil Survivor? What happened to genuine innovation? That spark of creative spirit to explore new grounds like Catherine?

I can't believe that for the Shin Megami Tensei 30th anniversary (the first SMT was released in 1992), we're going to get a cel-shaded rehash of Persona 5. It just feels like a slap to the face. So much for a remaster/remake of SMT I and II. Guess it's back to the N64 we go, for those of us who have yet to play the first two SMTs.

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