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Did anyone else own one of these back in the day? Late to this news but I've just seen they've released a micro version in the past couple of days, a far cry from the bulky original -

But who could forget the full colour handheld gaming ahead of its time, powered by six AA batteries that it absolutely chewed through, and you'd need a stack of spares to get by. But it was fun nonetheless and had some good games, especially Sonic which you could play on the go!

Owned a couple of them, the first of which being a foreign one (the Japanese issue I think?) my old man brought back from a trip in the 90s with the Ninku fighting game that wasn't available anywhere else. Later got the PAL version of the system and built up a bit of a collection of games from there.

The latter still works, so I might pull it out this weekend and give it a play.

Anyone else have much experience with the Game Gear?

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I had a Game Gear! Spent many a happy hour sitting within wire distance of an electrical socket - gave up on batteries very early on. They barely lasted a flight. My best mate had one too, and we would play Wimbledon and the Mortal Kombat games against each other on a link cable. Wimbledon still stands up, I reckon. Had RPG elements long before Virtua Tennis.

IMO, it was a great system let down by atrocious battery life. Sure, the software library was, er, petite, but I had an MS convertor and played Populous and Phantasy Star on it too. GG Shinobi and the Mickey Mouse Illusion games - brilliant.

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I had a Game Gear. Along with copies of Sonic, Mortal Kombat, Shinobi, and Columns. I can't remember if the Game Gear, the Turbo Express, or the Atari Lynx was the bigger battery hog? Regardless, I remember preferring the Sega Nomad above all of them.

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I never owned one but my friend did. I remember thought that he would go through batteries like crazy compared to me who had a Gameboy. To be honest the games on Game Gear didn't interest me as much as the games on the Gameboy.

I have played a few since then mainly on the 3DS VC and honestly they just seem to be weak Genesis ports.

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I had an Atari Lynx. Wanted a Game Gear badly. Then lost interest in video games for decades.



Had one when I was a kid, and I still have it. I had a Super NES, but when I got into Sonic via The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog cartoon, I wanted one and got one for my birthday that came with Sonic 2. The Sonic games I played were fun, but I liked the spin-off game Tails Adventure the most. Such an overlooked game in the series. Last year, I actually grabbed it for my 3DS.

It did eat up batteries, but I remember using the batteries for when I took it traveling. At home I had an AC adapter that let me plug it in to play it without worrying about battery life.

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I still have mine, along with quite a few games and the Master System converter. The Sonic games, Shinobi games, Space Harrier and Outrun were my favourites. Sitting down with it plugged in was also how I made most use of it. Batteries were for long car journeys only.

I've been thinking about digging it out again lately. It still works, though the screen contrast is very poor. Maybe one day I will get a replacement screen fitted.



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