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I downloaded Roller Champions and Fall Guys last night to check them out and with all the hype around Fall Guys going free to play I recon Roller Champions may get lost in the fray as such. However its well worth a check (its free so why not!). The game play is so good and addictive, okay it may get repetitive in the long run but if you want a game that you can have a quick 10/20 minutes on this game is perfect. the implementation for team work is really well done as well, works similar to apex legends with their tagging system.
Yes its got micro transactions and a battle pass (what free to play game doesn't now) but they are purely cosmetic and you could easily ignore this.
I was surprised how good this game is, the moment to moment gameplay is fast paced and exciting as well as easy to pick up and understand.
Go at least check it out, its well worth it to be honest
Thanks for checking out my ramble if you do

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I also played this game, not bad


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