Topic: Why does Deponia cost the same price as Deponia Collection?

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Deponia is coming to the Switch for 39.99 on April 24th 2019 and comes with only the first game. On the same day Deponia Collection is coming to PS4 and includes 4 games for the same price. Why us Daedalic intentionally trying to make Switch owners pay the same price for less content?

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I think they're pulling a 'Mass Effect 3 on Wii U' on us because none of the prior games had been previously available on Nintendo hardware.

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All the Deponia games, including the collection, go on sale for around a dollar pretty frequently on Steam. I actually got the collection for free from a gog sale. Daedalic isnt the only company doing this weird markup on Switch though. I've seen several games going for 40 dollars on the eshop that are a) years old and b) regularly on sale for literal pennies on other platforms. I guess they just think Nintendo gamers are gullible/desperate? It's pretty cruddy behavior.

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@EOTW I've never seen anything like this on Switch. We're not talking about something like DOOM, an expensive and relatively new game ported to Switch at marketing at the normal cost for its initial release on all platforms at $60 or even a $10 mark up for more expensive cartridges. Deponia for $40 on Switch vs Deponia Collection for $40 on PS4 is an eventual $120 markup on a collection of four easy to port 2D games. And those products released on the same day. It's insane.



All the Deponia games have been reduced by 90% on sale!

Deponia £3.59/$3.99
Goodby Deponia £1.79/$1.99
Deponia Doomsday £1.79/$1.99
Chaos on Deponia £1.79/$1.99

Are these any good? I'm downloading the first one as it looks promising. I do like a good old school Point and Click game.

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Ok this is not about the price, but this was the only topic that had Deponia, so....

I was loving Deponia, I got the collection from Super Rare Games, so finished the first one. Only looked up one thing on the internet so really good going for me
Then going through the Second one. If you EVER play it, just after being dragged by the submarine, SAVE IT!!! There is a massive bug to do with some teleporters, where you cannot move or select anything and just stuck there and you cant just restart the chapter or anything.
All you can do is start new game

Looked it up and this bug has been there since the release on all platforms and they just haven't bothered to fix it even on the Super Rare Physical release which is very disappointing.

This has got me so annoyed that I have moved away from that game. I'm pretty annoyed as I was enjoying the stupid humour and it felt like I was playing a cartoon. Then was going to go on to the third and fourth, like I was binge playing the box set.

I will probably look up what happens or watch a video of the last few chapters of gameplay then go on to the third game, but only after finishing Steamworld Dig, as that was the next game I was going to play after these four games.

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