Topic: What characters are you hoping for in Smash, but you think won't ever actually make it?

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I hope there are no third party characters in the next Smash game because they went way overboard with Ultimate but I know there's no chance of that happening.

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It'll never happen, especially not with the costume already existing in the game, but I'd really love it if Chibi-Robo could get in. I know, I know, Chibi-Robo is far too obscure and the original developer is now defunct so there'd be no reasoning behind it. Still, a man can dream.

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Dante. I just really want to see Bayonetta vs Dante matches. Throw in Viewtiful Joe there too.


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Groose, sure I guess he could have a chance given Skyward Sword was given a second life on the Switch last month but the 1st party Nintendo characters in the fighters passes so far have been Switch era characters so a BotW/BotW 2 character would seem much more likely if the DLC was to end on Zelda.


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Prince of Persia



+1 for the Chibi-Robo, (Saki/Kachi) Sin and Punishment, and Elma (Xenoblade X) voters.
These are by far my most wanted. I don't see them happening in Ultimate but hopefully next time.

As for third partys that are still in the running, I've tons of nostalgic love for Phoenix Wright, Wonder Boy, Bubble Bobble, Harvest Moon (Pete), and the Secret of Mana/Chrono Trigger/Terranigma series and characters.

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John Madden for Smash!

Nicolai wrote:

Alright, I gotta stop getting into arguments with jump. Someone remind me next time.

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GG Allin. I have the perfect idea for his down special.

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For me Impa and Urbosa. I think it is silly that we have more than one Link when we have a number of viable side characters in the series that fight. Especially since the Links play similarly (moveset not weight, range or speed). If I could super wishlist I would like to see each of the sages get in with powers that reflect their title. Like have Saria control vines with her ocarina instead of fighting directly. Or have Rauru turn into an owl and dive bomb people or shoot destructive beams of light.

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@Isashihtzu I'm sure he does, but I mean come on, There are so many others they should add before toad.

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@Isashihtzu Hmm, If I had to pick, I would say another kirby character, We only have 3 and we have had said three for a pretty long time, I would want Marx to be A fighter, but since he is a boss already thats not going to be the case for this game, But maybe next smash game (If there is).

Tho I see were your coming from, I mean the plant gets in but not the Fungus?

Nintendo are like woman, You love them for whats on the inside, not the outside.

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My top 3 most-wanted characters at the start of the second pass were Elma (Xenoblade X), Terra (Final Fantasy VI), and Gordon Freeman (Half-Life). Those first two have been shot down by Pyra/Mythra and Sephiroth, and that last one was always just a crazy dream, so I think it's safe to say none of them have a shot. I'd add Neku Sakuraba (The World Ends With You) to the list as well, TWEWY's just not big enough to warrant a spot in Smash unfortunately.

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Already responded here early on but I'd also be down for AiAi to make it in, I just doubt they'd actually give Super Monkey Ball the full treatment if anything from it got in the game. Spirits, maybe



Spider-Man, with Ben Reilly and Kaine as echo fighters

Literal actual perfection


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Wonder Red from The Wonderful 101
Tin Star from the snes super scope game of the same name
Takamaru from Mysterious Murasame Castle
Mach Rider
Mike Jones from StarTropics
Rash from Battletoads

Loads of other retro/obscure characters. Maybe Smash 6 someday…



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