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I know. This is the fourth discussion I make about future DLC and the fifth about smash in general. But in the discussion about my prediction about challenger pack 11 there was something i hadn't took into account
Now before we begin, I have to make something clear
There were a total of 3 color theories in the life span of smash ultimate (1 for the last fighter in the first fighter pass and 2 for the last fighter in this current second one)
I didn't believe the first color theory because everyone know that the rainbow has 7 colors, not 6, so i though the theory was forced
The second color theory was another one that i didn't believe because the different shades of colors allowed the people to create forced similarities
The third color theory, despite the fact that a lot of people think it was debunked, I think it's still pretty strong.
And the reason for that is that i don't see anywhere on the eshop were those 6 colors are together while also being highlighted (that isn't smash ultimate DLC), so i think that the fact that the colors inside the eShop site code are everywhere outside smash might just be a side effect of the main part of the URL being the same and it probably will get fixed once the eShop site updates.
Now, what i didn't took into account on my prediction? Well, if you didn't read it, my prediction was Rayman, but I changed my mind after seeing again the video of Rayman moves in Rayman Legends and, I figured out that I was forcing some of the moves in my mind. This time, to make sure that everything fits together perfectly, I decided to take into account the genre of Platform Fighters (in other words, smash clones), because despite not being the most interesting gameplay wise to come to smash, Sakurai always talked about how he wants to respect the source material as much as possible, so choosing a platform fighter might be his best option.
And if we put the third color theory and Sakurai's wishes together, I think Wrastor from Rivals of Aether (the most popular character from the most popular smash clone) might be the best option because not only he is purple (which is the only color out of the 6 that has yet to represent a fighter), but also, because of the fact that he is from a platform fighter his moveset would be easy to translate into smash.
I don't know, but I think it pretty much makes sense when we connect the dots.
But what do you people think?


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