Topic: Switch Physical titles for 13th/14th November delayed by Amazon.

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Just had a couple of emails from Amazon saying Kingdom Hearts Memory of Melody and Let’s Sing 2021 won’t be shipped on Friday and they don’t know when they’ll be available. This is annoying for me as they were gifts. I wondered if anyone else has had games delayed for this weekend from Amazon or from other Retailers? Wondered if there is an issue with Switch supplies?

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Better late than never I always say.

Then again I'm not a prime member and always opt for snail-mail free shipping so it's...whatever.

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@MrGawain Pretty sure it's a case of prioritizing next gen preorders.


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Grumblevolcano wrote:

Pretty sure it's a case of prioritizing next gen preorders.

This. I had a non videogame order that all of a sudden got bumped to tomorrow.

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Ya a stuff has just been pushed I think amazon has this issue from time to time As I had gifts that where pushed back.

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