Topic: Super short games I should check out on the Nintendo Switch?

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Something I can finish around 2 hours or less. Got a couple of $$$ left

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Unpacking and Donut County are 2 that come to mind - both decent, but short.



Untitled Goose Game? If you haven't already played it.

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A short hike
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@Vivianeat no online play with extreme club racing but only cost 1 euro and yet another zombie defense has people playing online all the time, it's not the sort of game you finish in 2 hours but it only cost 2 euro and its HD



You could play through Arms or Streets of Rage 4 in less than a couple hours, but both have a lot of stuff to unlock. Just have a look at Arms over at HowLongToBeat, 1.5 hours for a playthrough, 150 hours for completion.

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Star Fox 64. If you have a NSO EP membership, play it asap. One playthrough takes about 2 hours or less but there's so much replay value in it with different paths and endings. If you're a one and done kind of person though, the gameplay and voice acting are still superb.

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A short hike is good. Ori and the blind forest is a 9 out of 10, but that took me around six hours. So depends on your definition of super short.



Only game I have that's kinda short like that is Death Road to Canada, a rogue game. But yeah, beating it is always under two hours, usually.

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Yea, Ori and the Blind Forest for sure, but that will probably take most people about 5ish hours their first time through.

If you literally only have a couple dollars, the Toree 3D games are solid and fun platformers, usually 99 cents each and about an hour each.

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Skypeace, I was playing this one the other night. A very arcade-style game where you play as a character on a surf board flying in the sky, collecting stuff, and dodging obstacles and enemies. It took me a little over an hour or so to complete all 10 levels.

Maybe anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half, not a full two hours, but still pretty short nonetheless.

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Florence is like 30 minutes long and quite the nice experience, i am sure it was really cheap too, although i can't check right now. It dosn't have too much gameplay but it had me thinking a bit about the story

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Subsurface Circular and The Gardens Between definitely fit the bill.

They regularly go on sale, so just add them to the wish list and pick them off when that happens.



Sayonara Wild Hearts, strongest possible recommendation. Two hours max, but it is breathtakingly fun.

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