Topic: Suggestions for good quality non-Metroidvania, non-super tough 2D Platformers

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Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a good quality platformer game available for Switch that is not:

  • Super-Tough
  • Metroidvania
  • Collect-a-thon (I think this mainly applies to 3D platformers but may be relevant)


The only ones I can think of are the New Super Mario Bros series (I've already played them all including U) and Sonic Mania (also already played). Surely there must be others games out there that fit this criteria ?

Thanks in advance for the help!




Try Bleed 2! The game is absolutley fantastic. It can be on the short side, but there is an endless mode with infinite new levels. If you do end up wanting a challenge, there is extra difficulty settings along with mutators (cheats) and extra playable characters for beating the game on different settings, and there are bonus dashes and weapons too.

The game is fantastic and I would reccomend it to anybody. The price is a bit steep, but the replay value and excellent level design makes it completely worth it!

Nice >:]

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@EdScissorshands If you like pinball, try Yoku's Island, great platformer/pinball/metroidvania.
Not too difficult, little side quests to play and a collectation once completed. Loved it myself, hoping for a sequel


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