Topic: Smash Ultimate DLC, two spots left, who do you want?

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GameXplain did a video on Captain Toad for Smash a while back. It could definitely work.

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Leisure Suit Larry and maybe one of the girls from D.O.A Xtreme 3 Scarlet or a popular pair of pany's from Panty Party.

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I feel like even though expecting stuff from nintendo is always a bad idea, i feel like we can expect tetris block for smash. Also, I really want Labo Man in smash - we got Wii Fit, so why not?

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Elma from Xenoblade Chronicles X


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Who I want: Rayman and Crash. Ton of other characters too such as Dixie, Rex and Pyra, Elma, Mr Sandman(Punch Out)..

Who I think we'll get: A Namco and a Capcom character. The 'Mii costume theory' is still standing, so it makes sense if its a rep for those two companies. As for who? I thinking Lloyd Irving from Tales of and Leon from RE.

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Crash is a good guess but it will never be geno



I like the idea of another trainer. I'm not a Pokemon expert and I'm just spit-balling here:

Have the three Pokemone be Turtwig, Monferno and Empoleon. The special attacks could be something like:

Neutral Special: Bite
Side Special: Grass Knot
Up Special: (This one I'm not too sure what to do with.)

Neutral Special: Ember
Side Special: Flame Wheel
Up Special: Acrobatics (used similarly to Captain Falcon's Up Special)

Neutral Special: Aqua Jet
Side Special: Whirlpool (would work as a trap to disable the opponent temporarily an allow for follow-up combos)
Up Special: Steel Wing

Final Smash would be a similar Triple Finish, but with Leaf Storm and Blizzard hitting forward first and finishing with Flare Blitz going through opponents for the KO shot.



Not sure what I want but my guess is that it will be Travis Touchdown and someone from Tekken to compliment Street Fighter kind of like how The Hero from DQ compliments Cloud from FF7.


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Wonder Boy (different Wonder Boy's like Tom-Tom and Shion similar to the Dragon Quest Hero).

Wonder Boy is a classic videogame character with tons of merit. Wonder Boy II brought the Metroidvania genre forward when at the time Zelda II, Castlevania II, and Metroid II failed in gameplay, design, and overall fun - especially now when looking back and comparing them directly.

Shantae is a lot like a Wonder Boy skin with all the similarities, so I'd argue it being unfair to put her before the true inspiring classic character. Wonder Boy would also bring an amaaaaazing soundtrack that Shantae could only dream of. I'm sorry, Jake.

Wonder Boy was revived on Wii with at least 7 Virtual Console games, and it also got its newest games on Switch recently with Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap, Wonder Boy Returns, and SEGA AGES Wonder Boy: Monster Land.

Also, Master Higgins (Adventure Island) is just a clone of Wonder Boy, a licensing sprite swap that always followed the footsteps that Wonder Boy imprinted. He has absolutely no chance. And if we talk Hudson Soft, then Bomberman should be number 1 on the schedule, at least for Smash 6 since he's deconfirmed for Smash 5 (spirit, assist trophy).

Other characters I'd love to see as Smash fighters (I'm not listing deconfirmed ones such as spirits):

Bub & Bob (Bubble Bobble)

This game marked the first time I fell in love with a cute videogame character. Those guys had funny animations at a time when most characters felt rigid and stiff or a mesh of single-colored stickman pixels. I was particularly fond of the blue/cyan dragon Bob. I know these characters didn't have lots of moves, but they had a good number of power-ups that could be turned into Smash moves. They could also borrow moves from Rainbow Islands and Puzzle Bobble if they need to, and - like Pac-Man - have other classic Taito cameos appear (Space Invaders, Arkanoid, New Zealand Story).

Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes)

At the time of writing there's no videogame character that oozes coolness as much as him.
No More Heroes 1 & 2 were Wii exclusives before they got to other platforms.
Switch has Travis Strikes Again, and No More Heroes III is coming soon, so there's that as well.
Travis and Bayonetta in the same game is a dream match.

Professor Layton

The newest Layton game is coming to Switch. The old games were all on Nintendo DS and published by Nintendo. And the character is lovable. He can fence and has lots of machines at his disposal that can be used as moves.
I love Phoenix Wright just as much, but I feel Layton is more succesful and the better series overall. Also, Capcom already has Ryu, Ken, and Mega Man, and I guess a really big one (from Resident Evil or Monster Hunter) should be next.


The Doom news today had me thinking more about Doom Guy. I was bored, came up with a moveset. Not down to the nitty-gritty with every basic attack, taunts and everything, but the key stuff and gimmicks.


His Delta V Jump Boots with Lateral Thrusters give him an extra mid-air jump, giving him 3 jumps total (like in the 2016 game)
Most of his basic attacks would be standard melees, attacks with the butts of rifles, etc.

Side Smash: Super Shotgun, and would work a lot like Mega Man’s Mega Buster smash
Up Smash: Lightning Gun shot upward, multi hit with the final one launching (similar to Samus/Dark Samus Up Smash)
Down Smash: Rocket Launcher shot, straight down causing a big explosion around him. Shrapnel spreads from it, adding range for small hits. He deploys the Shield Wall to protect himself during the explosion

Neutral Special: EMG Mark V pistol. Can be charged for more damage (just like in Doom 2016), similarly to Samus/Dark Samus, but cannot be stored. If you cancel the shot, you have to start the charge over.
Side Special: Chainsaw Glory. He pulls his Chainsaw and dashes forward, like when doing a Glory Kill in Doom 2016. If he connects, he does multiple small hits followed by a final hit with high launch power. The chainsaw only has three uses (the initial fuel limit in the game) per life, indicated in a gauge by the character image at the bottom of the screen. But, if you KO someone with the attack, they drop fuel to refill your gauge.
Up Special: Personal Teleporter. Like in Doom 2016 multiplayer, he throws the device (upward angle) and teleports to the device. Can be aimed slightly, say a 90 degree angle, 45 degrees in either direction, like a V)
Down Special: Frag Grenade/Kinetic Mine. Tap the button to pull the grenade and use like Young Link’s bombs. Hold the button to place a Kinetic Mine (basically a proximity mine, which would work similarly to Isabelle’s down special)

Gimmick: In addition to the Chainsaw fuel gimmick, I would have it so that when he does a grab and throw, he has a 15% chance or so for a food drop, which can be picked up for health.

Final Smash: Of course, the BFG 9000. Basically a huge laser blast takes up the screen, similar to R.O.B. or Samus.

Also, of course he has a slew of alternate colors with game tie-ins. So that wouldn't be difficult at all.



1) Leon, Claire, Chris and Jill from Resident Evil as a single character like The Hero.
2) Shantae or Crash Bandicoot



I think Crash has a slightly better chance than Spyro, though I would want the latter in more. I had higher hopes for Spyro before, but I think if Nintendo wanted us to keep an eye on the character, he would have gotten higher priority than a 4 second mention in a sizzle reel at E3. Crash would be fine, though with some mild speculation about a new Playstation All-Stars, it's possible that both of them would go to that instead.

Given what we have been shown for DLC so far, I'm also in a spot to concede that spirit might mean disconfirmed, which is sad cause I really wanted Shantea.

Part of me wonders if the protagonist from Astral Chain has a chance (which would be amazing). Another left fielder that may have a chance is Travis Touchdown, which I would also be totally game for.

I feel like they will add a woman character in as well though. I don't think there will be FE though. Laura Croft or 2B?



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