Topic: Shall we have a moment of silence for Xenoblade Chronicles X?

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As the best Wii U game that was not brought over to the Switch. Between the Wii U eShop closing and reports of the Wii U bricking, XCX could become legally and/or financially inaccessible in a short amount of time.

We salute you.

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It's still easy enough to find a physical copy (in the UK, at least) - I got a brand new copy for less than £30 last year, in fact - but yeah, who knows how much longer that will be the case. And presumably the data packs will be unavailable in a few days. It's by no means a perfect game but it's incredibly ambitious and it's a shame more people don't have a chance to play it, so hopefully it will get a port some day (but even if it does, I'm glad to have it on Wii U with the map on the GamePad).

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This and the Zelda Remasters are the only games I can think that I still want. After that I can finally forget about the Wii U

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I’m not gonna mourn this game because I refuse to accept the possibility that it will be lost on the Wii U forever. It just doesn’t make sense. The series is at an all time popularity and the Switch is holding up and beating some of the competition. It’s selling like hot cakes and demand for Xenoblade has never been stronger and more mainstream.

This game is a masterclass in open world design and saying that it is a more exciting world to explore than Breath of the Wild is a huge compliment given that world kept me hooked for well over five years. How this ran on an epically inferior console to the PS4, which couldn’t even run Witcher 3 as a fully open world, I will never know.

Story’s alright, but the gameplay is S tier.

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Would love to see this get a remaster maybe on the switch successor.

I imagine the gamepad stuff could be easily tweaked into a form that works on a single screen though the main concern would be that iirc the game was heavily optimised for the wiiu specs and even had those data packs to improve aspects of it.

it was my favourite game on the wiiu and i definitely would love to see it return in some form.



@Megas75 @Mgalens I'm counting 4 games (so far) I expect to be ported/remastered on the Switch 2...

Xenoblade Chronicles X
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Zelda Windwaker
Zelda Twilight Princess

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 doesn’t necessarily need a port, since Galaxy 1 is already on the system. It is very possible though; just give the game the very same control scheme as Galaxy 1 on the switch. There’s no chance in hell Twilight Princess and Wind Waker return during TOTK season. If that game is still running wild as far as all year, then I’d wait further. Those two games, or even just one of them cause the Wii u versions released 3 years apart, will return probably next year or the one after. And Chronicles X will likely be the same. Expect that next year, if at all, since the Chronicles 3 dlc is still going.

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@TheBigBlue I meant on the Switch 2 or Pro or whatever it ends up being called!! I highly doubt any of those 4 games will end up on the Switch. Ever.



@MarioBrickLayer yeah, I agree. They will most likely be on the next console. It’s a little late now

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Wait, how expensive is a physical copy of XCX in the USA? CeX have it for only £25 here in the UK, which is half what it would cost digitally anyway (although I do expect it will only go up from here, should it not be rereleased...)

I'm often surprised how expensive used games can be in the US. Maybe they have more collectors and/or scalpers?

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I would adore a Super Mario Galaxy 2 remaster with the same detail of Metroid Prime Remastered. As for Xenoblade Chronicles X, I definitely think it deserves another chance. I enjoy most of what I experienced in that game, except the soundtrack. The soundtrack in my opinion was pretty weak in comparison to the original Xenoblade Chronicles. I loved the gameplay for the most part though!

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I just want a sequel. But this thread does remind me I need to finish x. Might restart today.

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I ain’t buying it on my broken wii u so rip xcx I wish you were on switch

It’s simping time

guardians 3 is incredible


I'd think that the best thing about Xenoblade X is the planet Mira itself. It's huge, beautiful, packed with secrets and you can go absolutely anywhere, at least once you've got a flying skell.

The worlds of Breath of the Wild and Skyrim feel almost cozy in comparison. 😃



It’s one of my favourite games of all time and it’s probably the only game of the genre I have ever enjoyed. I would love a remake of it as long as it ran at 60fps, that was the only downside.



I'd love to see X but I think there are other Wii U titles that will come out first, and quite possibly not this year. I'm sure it will arrive eventually, just maybe on the Switch successor. A shame, really, as I have been itching to try it out.

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I love Xenoblade Chronicles X. I assumed they was gonna make a deluxe version, or something and released it on the Nintendo Switch.

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Xenoblade Chronicles X as a port or Definitive Edition should wait until the next Nintendo system.
X had some performance issues on Wii U, and even the Xenoblade games on Switch are not without compromise.
The Switch (in specs) is kind of like a Wii U Pro/New Wii U instead of a typical generational leap.
Even if the next Nintendo system is not a generational leap from Switch, it would still add up to roughly a full leap from the Wii U.
Players can wait longer, but hopefully it's well before X is consistently hundreds of dollars for a used copy.

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MarioBrickLayer wrote:

@Megas75 @Mgalens I'm counting 4 games (so far) I expect to be ported/remastered on the Switch 2...
Xenoblade Chronicles X
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Zelda Windwaker
Zelda Twilight Princess

I'm late to the party on this, but all of those, outside of XCX would be perfect candidates for releases similar to Metroid Prime Remastered.

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