Topic: Shall we have a moment of silence for Xenoblade Chronicles X?

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Bros this is our time. Let’s get ourselves existed over the 1% chance of a switch port announced at the possible September direct

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If XCX ever gets ported or remastered, it'll be for the Switch's successor.

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@lanztephan Agreed, XCDE was used as a midpoint release between XC2 and XC3 so XCX will probably be the same for between XC3 and whatever Monolith Soft is doing next.


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I don't care about this game much. I got all ports from Wii U that I wanted (Tokyo Mirage Session #FE and Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water).

I hear ZOV.

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Ahhhh man Xenoblade X is truly a gem. However, I'd be surprised if we heard about anything about a switch port this year given that the DLC just wrapped up a few months ago.

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It'd be a great launch title.

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It’s probably my most played wii u game. I loved it but probably couldnt go back due to it’s framerate so that would need to be fixed for a rerelease.


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