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Hey, all!

I've been playing my Switch non-stop since I got it in April...well, except for the times when there was nothing that piqued my interest on the system. I'm currently having that void yet again. Allow me to briefly elaborate on my dilemma.

I played unhealthy amounts of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and have since beaten it to a pulp. I hop onto Splatoon 2 every now and then for online matches, and a short time ago, I picked up Fire Emblem Warriors, which I am still playing from time to time. However, I'm longing desperately for a new adventure...however, I am a bit picky in this regard.

I'm already aware of Super Mario Odyssey. This is a title I plan on picking up as soon as I am able. However, I have a deep longing for a title like Zelda: Ocarina of Time. You know, swordplay, adventure, the normal Zelda-esque formula (don't say Oceanhorn or Implosion. Had them, beat them). Is there anything other than the titles listed throughout these two paragraphs that would fill the OoT void for now?


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