Topic: Oddysey physics...Mario feels too light?

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Not sure If anyone noticed, but Mario in this game feels so light when moving and jumping. His running has basicaly no traction needed, his Jump is fast( not a problem for me) and his dive is...huh..he barely sinks after jumping on the water. He quickly recovers to the surface and can jump AGAIN in a split second. Go watch the latest Nintendo minute with Mario on the beach level( forgot name). He can move faster spamming jump on the water instead of swimming. What the heck, he doesn't have any weight, nor has any chalange in his control. In Mario 64 , you felt Mario actualy diving deep in the water with his weight, and even more If at a higher fall. Galaxy also had a decent weight. But this, I am not sure I am liking It. The game is gorgeous , the frame rate is delicious, the levels are cool, but the gameplay feels weird with this Mario barely having any weight into him. What do you guys think?



I believe there's a correctly spelled thread for this game already?

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Looks like you're judging how it controls... from footage...? Which, if that's the case... is demented.

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