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Oh, that is an awesome announcement. We all knew a next gen was in development though.
What I find the best about the announcement is the account system. Praise god. They are listening.

Personally, I think the cloud is the future. One day, it won't matter your device, youll be able to play even the most demanding games on anything. So it would be a hard sale at that point for the big 3 to release hardware since you just need to access your stuff via anything. Sony seems to be trying to make you use their hardware to use their cloud system. This is not going to work in the long run. Microsoft seems to be leveraging its Windows platform to use the cloud in the future for cross gaming. A better strategy, but still not the right one.

Now Nintendo is, as always in a unique position. Either they were already really thinking about this with the Wii U and how they could ease people in to still buying hardware in the future, or just dumb luck, but either way, their next system could leverage a Wii U type pad that could function without the home console in the vicinity, and basically run the games over the net to the device. The cloud basically.
Can you imagine playing a full HD regular version of any game out there either on your TV or on the go anywhere in the world with an internet connection? PRICELESS.

That would be a real reason to buy hardware in a cloud based world.

I really hope this is what is happening. Please god that would be awesome. All of the sudden, Sony and Microsoft would be like, awe crap, we gotta do that now.

This is pie in the sky, but the tech IS there now. Someone just has to utilize it properly.

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