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I see Triangle Strategy getting a lot of love, but for me the Direct show-stopper was Neon White. Published by Annapurna Interactive (who has shown exquisite taste in which games to publish in the past, imo), Neon White looks like another action / parkour game similar to Ghostrunner. Although different in the sense that there's this card, roguelike mechanic? Anywho, I think the game looks like tremendous fun.

And it never hurts to have Spike Spiegel doing the voiceover for your trailer.

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This does look cool but I am waiting for reviews as it looked rough in places and the gameplay has the potential to be either amazing or complete rubbish.

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I’m very curious but as this isn’t my genre of choice I will likely wait on a sale. I enjoyed Donut County so that put it on my list.

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The trailer wasn’t enough to sell me yet, but I have come to trust Annapurna.


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