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There have been some rumors about a Luigi's Mansion 3 being a launch title for the NX, and frankly, I'm super hyped. The game feel and the haunted cartoony atmosphere of the series has always captivated me. So I want to talk about what I think would be my ideal Luigi's Mansion sequel.

Mind you while writing this, I will be assuming a few things about NX based on rumors and leaks that I've read so far. But I don't think my inclusion of these assumptions will affect my ideal LM game too much. So here we go:

Portrait/Character Ghosts:
While LM2 was still a very good game that I think tried to approach the series from a handheld perspective, this perspective seemed to have left out the Portrait Ghosts from the first LM and replaced it with a more mission based approach. While I understand the decision, I do think it removed a lot of the charm the LM2 could've had compared to it's predecessor. That's why I would love to see their return in the new game. Not only I'm I hoping for new Portrait Ghosts to turn up, I would also love to see some returning ones as well. Just as long as their inclusion shakes up how to defeat them from their first haunting.

Multiple Mansions/Open World:
I think this might be reaching a bit. But perhaps the next game could take place on a plantation of source, with several buildings filling this one large property of sorts, each with their own themes and Portrait Ghosts. Luigi could leave one mansion to get to another building, maybe even find underground passages connecting all the buildings. I think Luigi's Mansion should embody the excitement I always had searching old buildings for secret treasure and passageways. I'd love to solve tons of puzzles that would unlock secret rooms that aren't on my map, event though the gap is clearly obvious from the 'blueprints' I was given at the beginning of the game. I think the goal of LM3 should capture the idea of exploring a haunted house. It shouldn't be just that there are ghouls and ghosts everywhere. It should display that the house itself is a character, that something about the mansion all by itself is creepy and mysterious. That the building is out to get you. Which brings me to my next point...

The Mansion is out to get you:
Let's assume that the NX is a beast of power. There are tons of little indie games out there that like to mess with your head, I really want Luigi's Mansion to do that. Imagine a room where you walk in and it's just a black void, you walk forward for awhile and it seems to go forever. You decide to turn back but all of a sudden the room starts to have furniture in it. Then it turns into a white void. In order to escape you need to solve the puzzle of the room. The game does have to be nightmare fuel exactly. But with whatever power the NX has they definitely should have the ability to create more intense experiences in each room, all while looking quite beautiful I might add.

Upgrade system:
I think LM3 should adopt more of a Metroid formula in the sense that Upgrades for the poltergeist are more neccessary to the gameplay or at least make it easier. Being rewarded for exploring is important to a game like this. In the first game you kind of just stumbled upon the element coins that adapted your gameplay as if it was just an advancement in the game. But what if you had to actually look for it in a hidden room or something. I guess we could always reward exploration with a new ghost or more treasure. But I think it'd be neat for the Poltergeist to have a lot more tools this time around that would make you a ultra suped up ghost buster before you get to the end of the game.

NX specific controls:
A lot of rumors have been pointing to the NX having some sort of touch screen. I think this should be Luigi's first person view. You can hold it up and move it around the room so it becomes some sort of ghost glass. You can use it to see things you can't see on the normal screen. I think this would be a pretty cool idea that could add a lot more depth to the puzzles. Now imagine upgrading your ghost glass so you can see even more things or maybe even do actions that are exclusive to the touch screen. Imagine the depth, imagine the possibilities...

That's a few ideas I had for this game. I'm sure whatever Nintendo puts out would be pretty amazing. But I think it'd be cool to pull the game in these directions for the console experience. I guess we'll have to wait and see.


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