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I think we're all in agreement on Soulcaliber



Star Control 2
But nobody actually knows what that is anymore...



I like Soul Calibur's character designs but its gameplay sure is an acquired taste. I was never able to get fully on board with it. Same with Tekken. But hey, the more games the merrier, right?

Silenzio, Bruno!



A Monkey Island collection
An OutRun collection (as part of an OutRun 3 release)
A Project Gotham Racing collection
A NES Mini collection
A SNES Mini collection

What better way to celebrate than firing something out of the pipe?

Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.

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A new f zero
A new 2d mario
Iggys reckin balls 2

they say that life’s a carousel, spinning fast you’ve got to ride it well. The world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams. It’s heaven and hell.

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