Topic: I don't have any drift on my one year old Switch?

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Is it normal? Its a Switch (Lite) that I brought from April for handheld gaming last year and it does not drift whatsoever?



@NintendoGamerGuy that’s strange. You should contact Nintendo support

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How much of it have you played?

A couple or few hours?

Usually the breaking point is after 400 hours of use, then the drifting begins.

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@NintendoGamerGuy Then you have a defective unit. Return it so they could send you one that drifts.



@NintendoGamerGuy If you want to fix that so it does drift, buy a KFC bucket and then let all grease drip down into a cup. Once it's all collected in a cup take a swab and soak into the grease. Then take the swab and rub it under the flaps of the joycon sticks so it gets stuck there. If the grease starts to get solid take out a zippo to heat it up again.

Hope that helps!

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Pretty soon, my bog standard classic Switch won't have any Joy Con drift anymore either, seeing as I've ordered those absolutely gorgeous Skyward Sword HD Limited Edition Joy Con...

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Zuljaras wrote:

@NintendoGamerGuy Then you have a defective unit. Return it so they could send you one that drifts.

Yeah .... Or I'm sure one of us can make it drift for a small fee!

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You can try using some glue or tape on the joystick to emulate the effect.


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@NintendoGamerGuy I'll bolster Magician above, My joycon and procon that got drift, it happened around 400-ish hours. Happened to left stick. I play a lot of Splatoon, Rocket League, Trials Rising, which involve more enthusiastic left stick use than if I was playing less intense games like BOTW, Mario Odyssey. So, if you play less intense games, that's even better for your outlook.

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@NintendoGamerGuy That is very very strange. If you're a psycho and want drift, open the stick and sprinkle some dust in there. Soon, you'll have the common switch owner experience.

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Drop it on the floor 10 times and then let your dog lick the control sticks.

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I don't think I've seen a harsher Nintendo Switch critique than someone just being confused that their controllers still work like they should one year in.

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Took mine a year and a half before it started. (And yes its a lite)

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I think Rocket League and Blazblue killed mine. Fingers crossed, Switch Pro has proper sticks



Pro Tip: If you use the new rumoured PornHub APP it will increase your chance of drift!



You want to drift ?
Play some Super Eurobeat song from Initial D and your Switch will start to drift with Kansei Drift Technique. ūüėā

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Only took my left Joycon a couple of months after a lot of Splatoon. It seems action heavy games where a lot of vigorous moving of the sticks accelerates the problem. Even the Pro Controller, while a lot better than those garbage Joycons, develops problems after a while because the left stick starts grinding away the opening on the face plate. I love my Switch, but it's controllers are the worst Nintendo has ever produced.



One isn't a true Switch owner until their first pair of joy-cons is broken in enough to experience the classic drift.

...Which means I need to use my neons more. It's been a year and a half.

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No drift. That’s basically the experience of the vast majority of Switch owners.


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