Topic: Do newer batches of the physical FF7+8 Twin pack include the patches?

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Hi, I was thinking of getting the FF7+8 Twin pack (physical), but I know that FF7 had a few patches like the music patch. Do newer batches of the physical cartridge include the latest version with the patches intact, or is it still the default 1.0.0 version? (or is it impossible to ascertain?). I generally prefer physical games especially single player ones, but this might push me towards digital especially with the current sale.

For what its worth, I have a NA region console but the game's region is SE Asia, I believe.



Didn't they officially release it in America, eventually, as well ....? I know they did bring it to Europe! No idea if newer batches might include the updates, though, let alone how you'd know which did if so I'm sure at least some here did import the Asian one but no idea whether anyone got any physical versions recently to say about that specifically

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