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Whenever my son plays the game, he somehow sets it to automatically drift without holding down ‘A’ button. So anytime you turn, it starts drifting. This also Means you cannot turn into a drift (it just starts drifting the other way). Any idea how to turn this off? Currently, I have to go back to home screen and fully shut the game down then restart it.




Lucky for you, I happen to have this game on Wii U and Switch being a fan of the movie and the Cars games themselves. The "auto-drift" feature is set on the car selection screen.

1. Choose the car you want to race as.
2. A small window saying "Modify" will appear, press right to move the option to the right until it says "auto-drift". If auto-drift is on, it will be a yellow check.
3. Press up to change the yellow check into a red x. This will turn auto-drift off.

Hope this helps.


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