Topic: Can I play any region's games on Hong Kong switch?

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I just got my Switch Lite, and on the box it says: "Hong Kong Official Product". The seller did not mention this at all, I'm wondering are there any disadvantages or limitations, can I play games released in other region's or no?



Games are region-free on Switch.

A Switch produced in Hong Kong will play North American games and vice versa.

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Yes, as long as you downloaded it and it appears on your home menu. However, if you went to another region and tried to purchase a game in a certain location, a credit card issued from your previous region will not work.

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@markmarkmark That's not strictly true. A regular card issued by a high street bank will generally only work on the the eShop region it's issued in, but there are cards available that will work in any region - I use the same card registered for eShop accounts in Japan, Norway, South Africa and Poland (previously Russia) without any issues.



The difference is if it let say is JPN voice/txt then you will have to be fluent in JPN to play the game.


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