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Okay, hear me out.
So yesterday, I was playing WarioWare as usual, and I go to set my switch down. The next day, here I am charging my switch, ecstatic to get back in the game. And to my absolute horror, my switch won’t charge. I’ve tried everything; replacing the plug, plugging into the wall, plugging into my computer, nothing works. And it’s not like I can get the CHARGING PORT replaced. Yeah, out of all the things to make my switch never work again, it’s the damned charging port. It was bad enough when I broke my game card slot.
I’ve tried to check my data on the official Nintendo website, but it doesn’t list all my digital purchases, just some of the more recent ones, including Super Mario 35 for some reason. This unfortunately means most of my data will be gone forever. I even tried to look for a way to charge my switch that didn’t involve the charging port and of course that’s not possible.
My only option now is to make a huge sacrifice and dump away thousands of hours of hard work just to get my games back with erased files.
However, there was a small glimmer of hope when I looked at the back of my switch. Still intact was an SD card that contained a ton of my data. For reference, it’s a 128 GB card, and a lot of my data is composed in it. If I have to buy a new switch, I can at least use game cards again. It’s gonna be a huge investment from what should have been my college money, but I digress.
Yeah, I shouldn’t take college for granted, after all, it’s expensive, but my switch has been a huge staple in my life.
So if I may ask, what exactly happens when and if I move my SD card to another switch? And more importantly, how can I find all of my purchase data on the Nintendo website?



Wait your saying that your digital stuff wont show up on the website? Could anyone you know tamper with your switch? Bc How the hell did that happen? can you shoot us a video of said switch not working? I need to take a closer look.

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You cannot use your microSD card with another Switch without formatting it first as the data is encrypted specifically for the console it is being used by.

The microSD card is mainly used for storing update data, DLC, and screenshots/videos, not save data.

Upon transitioning to a new Switch console, you will need to download all software updates and eShop purchases again. All of your eShop purchases are tied to your NNID, not your console, so it's extremely unlikely that you would have lost any of your purchases.

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@Snatcher It doesn't. It only shows the most recent 50ish(?) purchases/downloads.
@YoloYester Did you have NSO? I guess you didn't if you're worrying about losing save data, but if you did, that'll restore most save data. Just a stupid question, but have you tried cleaning the charging port, plug, etc.? Or maybe the battery needs replacing? I don't know what else to suggest.

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@YoloYester All purchases you made with your account should be fine on your new Switch. Save data however, if you don't have an NSO subscription for cloud saves then you're basically out of luck if you can't get your Switch repaired.


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@YoloYester All eshop, dlc purchases are tied to your Nintnedo account. Those are safe. You can redownload if needed.

I didn't see you mention consulting nintendo support page, which has troubleshooting for most everything. There is one, if not multiple troubleshooting pages for console won't charge, or console won't wake from sleep. You might just need to reset the ac adapter, which can cause those things, and it's totally easy to resolve.

If these support pages don't resolve it, then you've likely confirmed you have a hardware failure that requires repair.

console has no power, blank screen, won't wake up from sleep mode

Switch console won't charge

nintendo support contact page
US support is very good by the way, actually pleasant, believe it or not.

Game saves are saved seperately on the switch internal memory (not to your micro sd). If you have Ninetndo Switch Online, that should be backed up to the cloud. (there are a few games that don't get cloud support - theres a list on nintendo support. **Animal crossing requires an app or contacting Nintendo if you're going to transfer to a new console)

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