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A cording to gamespot news 15 .06.17 minecraft switch addition requires you to login to xbox live.

How you guys feel about that

That's probably why playstation is not
taking part in this so called cross play

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You don't need to log in to anything on MC Switch Edition right now, I own the game. As of in an update, I doubt Nintendo would allow this but we'll see


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@BezBot dood for cross play.

You know playing against xbox and pc players.

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@shaneoh the issues one 2 many

As you know Microsoft does not announce sales numbers anymore but instead report on xbox live activity.

They will count all the switch and pc players activities in one reports.

That's the issiue

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edit: rewording
i don't understand the problem. as long as Switch Owners don't have to paid xbox live to play crossplay (which you didn't need for PC games on Microsoft Store afaik.) then their shouldn't be an issue with it.

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im creep out with thoese eyes... :P

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But does this explain why no cross play rocket league?

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I personally don't mind needing to log into my Xbox Live account if I get to play with other people across systems. For me, that is the future of online gaming.

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