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So i joined mostly to talk about my planned Gameboy Game. Also i sometimes read the articles.
However, it is gonna be a GAMEBOY game. You cannot play it without an emulator.
HOWEVER, it's not a ROM hack. It's an original game with a whole new concept made from scratch. I made all the sprites, and etc.
I'd like some help, thanks!



Sounds great, what help do you need?



Rules state not to talk about Emulators. My game requires an Emulator to be used.



@JadeGames "Do not discuss current gen emulators/homebrew; It is permitted to constructively discuss the use of flash carts, emulators and homebrew software when in the context of previous generation(s) hardware. We ask that you do not link to any resources for illegal copyrighted content such as where to download ROMs and we reserve the right to lock, edit or delete any threads or comments we feel stray too far into an illegal or legal grey area."

Therefore it's fine to talk about Emulators if it's not emulating 3DS or Switch. Also, never link to any copyrighted content (eg ROMs).

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