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I have brought my New 3DS Xl since mid Feb around launch, and the console was functioning great, and few months ago I traveled back to my country, and it was great for 2 months, but one day I left it charging overnight, and when I woke up my 3DS blue and orange lights both turns on but both screens did not even give back light, but the music of the theme was working in the background, and moving the circle pad, gave feedback sound of the icon moving, since I am not in the country I brought it from, there is no warranty for me, I wanted to know what is the problem, and how to solve it, and to even see if anyone faced the same problem and how they dealt with it.

Things to Note: The touch screen even though it does not give any visual feedback, but the touch feature is working and I remember the place of games and I hear the sound of them when I press where they are. Also to add, This problem is not the know "Black Screen of Death"

Thank you all in advance, I am struggling and I really hope I can find help.




I would still contact Nintendo in your country and see what they can suggest. Even though you didn't buy it in that country I don't see why they wouldn't do anything. After all people import Nintendo systems is not unheard of.

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I am Egyptian, and in Egypt there is no support from Nintendo, even an eshop is not available here.




I had a similar problem today. Don't know if I was able to hear anything though. I charged both of my 3DSes yesterday, but today both were low on battery in the morning. Don't know what went wrong.
The N3DSXL was all black. I waited until it ran out of battery and then charged it again. Now it works fine.
Maybe try if this works?
It doesn't really matter if you live in Egypt. Just send your 3DS to Nintendo (headquarters? or the closest department?). They have to warrant that it works for 1 year. (at least). So send it to them. Best with a receipt, but since the product isn't even available since one year, you should be okay without one.
Normally you could also return it to the person who sold it to you, I think. But that was probably also someone on the internet, so best send it to Nintendo "directly".

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