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We had a roomate quite a while back, and it seems our Wii U account was registered to their email. For ages everything was fine, but then our Mii changed. We changed it back but the next day it had reverted again. And now I keep getting asked for a password. I read that accounts cannot be moved from one console to another without the use of an SD card, so I can only assume they've linked their DS to it.
I don't know what to do and am worried about losing all my purchased games and game data. The bank details attached to the account are mine, am I at risk of them purchasing things with my money? I'm scared to ask them about it yet, incase they don't yet realise how much power they have over me.

So is there a way to transfer all my things to a new profile, keeping my saves and games?



You'd have to call Nintendo for this one. You can't transfer stuff without the original console. You may also need to have Nintendo deactivate the account on the other systems.

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If you are worried about the bank details you can always call your bank and deactivate the card that you used on the system and have them reissue you a new card. That way they can't make any purchases.

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